3 Week Diet – Fat Burning Diet Review

3 Week Diet – Fat Burning Diet Review

Introducing 3 Week Diet – Fat Buring Diet by Brian Flatt. In my opinion it is one of the best and fast working diet that burns body fat quickly. Don’t think like it will remove all your body fat in 21 days. It will but in stages. It is impossible to loose all body fat and dangerous to. 3 Week Diet plan will help you to understand WHAT TO EAT and WHEN TO EAT. It will boost your metabolism and set your body for fat burning. I’ve used this diet couple times and now I can see veins on my biceps, forearms and shoulders. My ABS stated to be visible. I will continue to use this 21 days diet by Brian Flatt for better results. I can recommend that diet to you to. It is based on reasonable foods and meals timings. Have go and read more about 3 week diet review below.

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3 Week Diet - Fat Buring Diet

What is 3 Week Diet ?

3 Week Diet - ebookThe 3 Week Diet is a brand new diet designed by personal trainer and nutritionist Brain Flatt. It was designed to help loosing weigh by promising quick fat burn. Diet creator claims that You can lose as much as 12 to 23 lbs of fat in as little as 21 days (it is 3 weeks). Seems like unbelievable ? Let’s check if 3 Week Diet really works !

I know that there is load of 3 Week Diet reviews around. But I wanted be a bit more specific with review and I did my very own Three Week Diet review and I have follow plan as it was described in the book.  Before I do that I would like to introduce myself and tell you something about my weight problem.

My very own 3 Week Diet review

Ok. Let’s get started. My name is Sev and I am now 37 years old. I was quite fit and slim until I’ve finished 30. After that age I just gained mass and fat with it. I couldn’t believe that I am getting all that fat eating healthy and little in my opinion.

In fact I was eating little according to my weight – 85kg. I’ve calculated my BMI and was trying to get below necessary calories with my diet but I was still building that nasty fat. It wasn’t just external fat that sits under skin. But main problem was INTERNAL FAT that grows on internal organs.

3 Week Diet Staring weight 105 kg

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With the time I’ve noticed my belly is just big. Not like other guys but it was ‘big time BIG belly’. You may be laughing but I wasn’t able to see my “precious” without pulling my belly inside until i felt pain. It was dramatic for me. I couldn’t stop that obesity and last winter I was 105 kg. You can see my weight check on scales on attached image. I’ve never been so fat before.  As you can see I am not lying here. It is my floor, my scales and feets. That was my staring point in which I have started Brian’s Flatt 3 Week Diet plan  and my review is starting here.

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The 3 Week Diet is a combination of other successful diets which are connected together in couple significant phases. Diet plan starts with